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Thanks to the high proficiency of our specialists and cutting-edge equipment, we can perform even the most complicated welding operations in the shortest of terms without detriment to quality, so our welded joints are capable of passing any tests provided for by any standards whatsoever. Our experts proved to be among the best in Latvia.

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Welding and installation works

We can perform any welding works according to your schematics and preferences. We use advanced technologies and reliable equipment.

We are trusted

Our experts proved to be among the best in Latvia. Our team enjoys the trust of customers.

Advanced technologies

Manual arc welding (ММА), argon-arc welding (TIG) and semi-automatic welding (MIG-MAG).

Tailored solutions

We can handle any installation and welding works in accordance with your schematics and preferences regardless of the complexity thereof, with great speed and reliability.


We use advanced technologies and tried-and-true specialised equipment.